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Credit Check Disclosures

While business funding does not require the consumer disclosures and consumer credit reports that are both regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions amendments made to the FCRA, Federal Recovery Operations feels that it’s important to advise our applicants that, on occasion, we may obtain information from credit bureaus to underwrite applications. As our Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) business funding differs greatly from loans, we do request credit, personally identifiable and financial information for the purpose of determining the creditworthiness of a merchant who seeks to sell their future receivables.

Factor Rates

By visiting our website, you’re likely looking for a financial funding solution to grow your business or address a challenge that arises. As an informed business owner, you should weigh the options of what type of business funding to choose, and what type of interest comes with that choice. Any funding your business receives, whether it be from a loan or Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) comes with a cost to finance. Because of their consumer experiences with mortgages, car purchases, etc.; many are familiar with the term annual percentage rate (APR), a figure commonly associated with credit cards and other consumer funding options. However, if you choose the quicker MCA type of funding to fulfill your business needs, the cost of financing comes in the form of a factor rate. As many may not be familiar with Factor Rates, we at Federal Recovery Operations want to help you understand the difference so you can make an informed choice that will best help your business.

First, interest rates like APRs are associated with loans. Factor Rates are associated with Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). As opposed to lending you money, MCAs purchase (or “Factor”) future receivables based on an evaluation of your business receipts. With an interest rate (APR) on a loan, your payments can actually have a moving target because the rate will be recalculated over the course of your financing, based on the depreciating capital in an unpredictable market-based economy.

On the other hand, factor rates are based on your receivables, calculated up front and never change. Rather than make recurring payments as you would with a standard loan, you’ll pay the full amount disclosed up front in a pre-disclosed payment plan that’s automatically drafted though ACH drafts.

Understanding the differences between Factor Rates (Merchant Cash Advances) and APRs (Loans):
  • They are different types of transactions. Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are percentages that determine the annual rate of interest a business owner is charged for borrowed capital. The calculation is typically close to the prime rate set by markets. On the other hand, factor rates are most commonly represented as a fixed decimal number which determines the total amount of capital that business owners are obligated to pay upon the sale of a fixed period of their future receivables.
  • Factor rates are typically associated with merchant cash advances (MCAs). MCAs differ from small business loans as they are a fixed sale of receivables, and not a loan. Similar to an APR, Factor rates are calculated as decimals ranging from 1.1 to 1.5. If you multiply your factor rate by the amount of future receivables you sold for the MCA, you can arrive at the factor rate. So, if you receive an MCA of $100,000 with a 1.25 factor rate, you’ll have sold $125,000 in future receivables by the end of the payment period.
  • How it differs from Loans and APR. Loans operate differently from cash advances in that you’ll pay different amounts as you pay back the loan (principal vs. interest). APR also enters all of the miscellaneous, unforeseen, tangential costs of a loan into the equation. In layman’s terms, the APR is the rate you’ll actually have to pay on a loan in order to borrow money. So if your given rate is five percent, your APR might be 5.5 – 5.8%, depending on other cost factors by the time you sign your contract.

Opt-outs of phone and/or email contact

If you are not a current customer of Federal Recovery Operations, and would not like to receive phone and/or emails from us regarding business funding opportunities for your company, please contact us at (215) 268-3594 or info@federalrecoveryoperations.com to be placed on our do not contact list.

If you have an open account with us, please understand that you cannot be placed on a do-not-contact list until your account has been closed.

All contact information provided to Federal Recovery Operations or used in contacting prospective business customers, applicants for funding and/or current accounts are for business purposes only. Federal Recovery Operations only provides business funding, and is not subject to consumer laws regarding personal contact information. Therefore, if a merchant provides a cell phone or home number in an application for our business funding services, they acknowledge that they are providing that number in connection with a business transaction.